Impact player

Robert Griffin III. Who else could it be? Griffin threw four touchdown passes in a second straight game, the first rookie ever to do so. Griffin executed the game plan well and made Dallas pay for being overaggressive.

Under the radar

Receiver Pierre Garcon. It's tough to say a guy's under the radar when he catches five passes for 93 yards. But what his presence means can't be understated. Garcon's 59-yard TD came off an unbelievable catch on a ball thrown too far inside.

Did you notice ...

How well running back Alfred Morris was able to press the hole? Time and again he cut on the heels of the offensive linemen, forcing Dallas' linebackers to commit and allowing the linemen to seal off cutback lanes. He rushed for 113 yards.

From the sidelines

Coach Jason Garrett and the Cowboys' defense needs to learn how to handle an offense that likes to use fakes. The Cowboys did a good job on offense sticking with their attack, using dinks-and-dunks until big plays presented themselves.

Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan stayed aggressive, taking advantage of an undisciplined defense with misdirection and play-action fakes. Defensively, the Redskins pressured with lots of stunts and a few blitzes. But once again big plays nearly killed them.

- John Keim