A Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 was allegedly shot down while flying over Eastern Ukraine on Thursday. Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 had 298 people on board traveling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. United States officials are saying the surface-to-air missile that took down the massive jetliner came from pro-Russia separatists in Eastern Ukraine.

President Obama on Friday confirmed that at least one American citizen was killed in the disaster.

Before the tragic airplane disaster, President Obama was focused on infrastructure. He traveled to Virginia on Tuesday and Delaware on Thursday to discuss his long-term plans for funding bridges, roads and railways.

House Speaker John Boehner moved forward with his lawsuit against Obama this week. The House Rules Committee held a hearing this week where lawmakers and experts clashed on whether they think the lawsuit is feasible.

Democrats in Congress this week took aim at the recent Supreme Court Hobby Lobby decision. They introduced a bill dubbed "Not My Boss' Business." The bill was quickly shut down when it failed to pass the Senate with a vote of 56-43.

Next week, keep your eyes on Capitol Hill. The Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee will hold a confirmation hearing for Robert McDonald -- the White House's nominee to take charge of the embattled Veterans Affairs Department. McDonald will head to the Hill on July 22 for the hearing.