BROOKLINE, N.H. — Florida Sen. Marco Rubio arrived at Decco Inc. Thursday eager to field questions from a handful of skilled blue-collar workers. Little did he know, his words had already served to inspire the leading mechanical contractor's 100-plus employees since early November.

Hung beneath a giant American flag in the company's industrial warehouse is a banner quoting Rubio from the fourth Republican debate on Nov. 10.

"The world needs less philosophers and more welders."

"I was sitting on my couch [watching the debate] and Sen. Rubio made this comment and I jumped out of my chair and texted all my buddies. That was the birth of the banner," one worker explained to the crowd Thursday.

"The next day we ordered this," he said, pointing towards it.

Bill Burg, Decco's corporate director of quality assurance, said the sign was hung shortly before a company-wide "weld off" in early December.

"That was the backdrop for the competition," Burg told the Washington Examiner. "Several of us here at Decco liked what he said and like that somebody's actually bringing that to light."

Rubio, who's on a four-day swing through New Hampshire, spent time touring the manufacturing company Thursday shortly before he spoke to Decco employees and their friends and family.