Wendy Davis lost her bid for Texas governor as soon as the polls closed Tuesday night (actually before that, but this made it official), and one of the most interesting pieces of information from the early exit polls was that she didn’t even win the women vote.

Davis, who rose to fame after an 11-hour filibuster of a bill that would ban abortions beyond 20 weeks (five months), was supposed to be the perfect “war on women” candidate for Democrats.

But Texas women chose otherwise.

Davis’ opponent, governor-elect Greg Abbott, won women by (at the time of this writing) 9 points, according to CNN exit polls.

Davis did win black women 94 percent to Abbott’s 5 percent, and Latino women 61 percent to 39 percent (interesting to note Abbott won Latino men by 1 point).

Davis only won unmarried women by 14 points, while Abbott won married women by 25 points.

Those aren’t good numbers for a candidate that was supposed to encompass what the Left thinks women care about.