“The filibuster so fills my mind bubble,” a Wendy Davis supporter responded when asked to name the top legislative achievement of the Democratic gubernatorial candidate.

“To be perfectly honest with you, I can’t name one,” said another.

Supporters of Attorney General Greg Abbott -- Davis' Republican opponent -- visited the Democratic state convention in Texas last week and claim to have asked self-identified Davis supporters to name one of her legislative achievements. Many couldn't.

“Well, in terms of that, I have not gotten a chance to really study all of her legislations,” one woman said. “I do need to do a little more research on that but I would imagine that I’m going to have some pleasant surprises.”

The election is four months away. Davis announced she was running for governor nine months ago.

A similar video could most likely be made of Abbott supporters, but this video of Davis supporters shows once again that the thing she's most known for is her filibuster of a late-term abortion bill -- which she's pretending wasn't about abortion.