The story about a 2009 investigation into then-Ward 5 Councilman Harry Thomas Jr. in Monday's Washington Examiner might have some readers wondering what happened to the $55,000 the developer promised to give to a local nonprofit?

The nonprofit, the Ward 5 Business Council established by Thomas, disbanded some time after the 2009 Office of Campaign Finance investigation into its connections with Thomas' support of the Chancellor's Row townhouse development. But even though the nonprofit isn't around anymore, the developer, EYA, is still obligated to fulfill that agreement in spirit.

The city zoning agreement included the $55,000 donation from EYA to the business council as a small business grant in a list of community amenities that the developer was required to contribute. So, without the business council to donate to, EYA plans to solicit applications for the small business grant, according to EYA's Jennifer McIvor.

She expects the solicitation for those applications to be issued shortly.