In May, Daniel and Jordan Allott embarked on a four-year reporting project called The Race To 2020.

The project monitors the pulse of the Trump presidency with deep, personal, long-form reporting in nine key counties around the nation. These counties helped deliver the presidency to the maverick Republican candidate on Nov. 8, 2016, and they will determine whether Donald J. Trump succeeds or fails in the White House.

So far, the Allotts have visited five counties in the Midwest and on the East Coast. They have filed dozens of stories about the people they have encountered—people who they will return to again and again to test how Trump’s presidency is playing in the places that mattered most.

In this podcast, the Washington Examiner’s Contributors Editor Jason Russell talks to Daniel and Jordan about some of their most interesting stories—a column about how Donald Trump won America’s most racially diverse rural county, an article about why Democrats may have a difficult time winning back Midwestern voters even after Trump leaves office, and a video about black voters in Macomb County, Mich., reacted to Trump’s handling of the racial violence in Charlottesville.

Most experts and political journalists underestimated Trump’s support in 2016, and many remain uninterested in understanding what motivates his supporters. The Race To 2020 is an attempt to correct this piece of journalistic malpractice.

What makes it unique is that as the Allott brothers follow these counties over the course of Trump’s presidency, The Race To 2020 is more than a snapshot in time: It chronicles how people’s lives and views change as Trump’s presidency unfolds, and provides a rich and unique account of President Trump’s first term in office.

This video was originally featured as a part of the Washington Examiner’s series The Race To 2020: The people and places that will define a presidency. You can read more here.

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