Could the GOP be on the cusp of a JFK moment on the national political scene? Before simply dismissing the idea out of hand, consider the following:

John F.Kennedy's appeal in the 1960 presidential campaign was built around his basic summons to the country: "Let's get America moving again."

Fast forward to President Obama's America, which suffers from an economy that sputters along in a slow-growth purgatory, with millions of people dropping out of the workforce, even as Obamacare pushes many of those still working to accept part-time schedules.

What America can be

Now comes Washington Examiner columnist and Talk radio host (and best-selling author) Hugh Hewitt with a sensible and strategically important suggestion:

"'What we could do, what we could be, if the federal government would go back to its limited role.' That should be the mantra for GOP candidates for the House and the Senate, incumbents and challengers, in 2014."

Be the party of "free markets, free enterprise, free choice and freedom, period," and there will be "a sea-change in the makeup of Congress," Hewitt encourages.

Americans are born optimists

President Ronald Reagan likely would second Hewitt. Reagan built his political personae around his unshakeable faith in America as the "shining city on a hill."

As he said in his first inaugural address, Americans "believe in our capacity to perform great deeds" because "after all, we are Americans." It may be circular but it struck a chord that led to national renewal.

It's not a chord that will be available to Democrats in 2014 or 2016, however, because they are linked to a host of negatives, thanks to Obamacare, the economic doldrums and the widespread public view that the country is headed in the wrong direction.

So maybe Establishment Republicans and Tea Party GOP insurgents should be searching for agreement on fixing the country if they regain Congress instead of how to defeat each other.

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