Democrats Wednesday took to the House floor to protest the GOP resolution authorizing a lawsuit against President Obama as the party simultaneously worked to cash in on the matter.

Just as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., stepped onto the House floor to blast the lawsuit as “another Republican effort to pander to the most radical right-wing voters at taxpayer expense,” the House fundraising arm sent out an email from Pelosi asking for donations ranging from $5 to $250 or more, to “support the president.”

The email, send by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, included a message from Pelosi noting that Congress is poised today to approve the resolution, which will authorize a lawsuit against Obama over his use of executive authority to delay the health care law employer mandate. Pelosi asks recipients to “chip in anything you can now.”

Meanwhile on the House floor, Pelosi called the lawsuit a waste of time and a possible path for the GOP to try to impeach Obama. Democrats have also been fundraising off the impeachment threat, although GOP leaders say they have no plans to try to oust the president.

The DCCC chairman, Steve Israel, told reporters at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast the committee recently raised $1 million in a single day off emails warning of a presidential impeachment.

On the House floor Wednesday, Pelosi said, the GOP lawsuit “has a political basis, and let the American people judge it for what it is.”

Here is the text of the fundraising email from Pelosi.

I’m just ... disgusted.

In a few moments, Barack Obama will become the first President — ever — to be sued by Congress.

Boehner is clearly trying to get his chance to drag the President's good name through the mud.

I’m tired of it. I’m fed up. And I’m ready to fight back.

Susan, I know you haven’t had a chance to answer President Obama’s call-to-action yet. But there has NEVER been a more critical time than right now to support the President.

I’m pleading. Please chip in anything you can now.