Tommy Chong, the irreverent comedian who has dazzled audiences for decades, said he learned a thing or two behind bars that informed his decision to pick Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton.

Chong, one half of the "Cheech & Chong" pot-themed comedy duo and a regular on "That 70s Show," received a nine-month sentence in 2003 for selling bongs online. In an interview with the Washington Examiner, he explained that his criminal history assisted his decision to support Sanders over Clinton.

"I got like a lie detector from being around as long as I have, especially being in prison," Chong said. "I met with a lot of con artists and they would say things they knew you wanted to hear, but Bernie he says things that are real and without judgment."

Chong said his "lie detector" does begin to spike when he listens to Clinton talk sometimes.

"Being an actor for so many years, you can tell when people are acting or are being authentic," Chong said. "She's like a lot of progressives. They are if that's what it, if that's the way to get votes. Yeah, she's a progressive in front of progressive people."

He also said he would vote for Clinton if she won the Democratic presidential nomination, but hopes she never gets that far.

As a staunch advocate of marijuana legalization, he's disappointed with Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz's assertion that marijuana is a gateway drug. Chong, who has his own brand of cannabis products dubbed Chong's Choice, said it would be great to smoke pot inside the White House with a President Sanders, an event whose likelihood he deemed "very possible."

And as voters in New Hampshire prepare to choose between Sanders and Clinton, Chong hopes voters tune in and turn on Sanders while aiming for Clinton to drop out of the race.

"Vote your conscience," Chong implored voters. "Vote your heart, not your head or your wallet, but it's your heart."