1 The Redskins' secondary is becoming the issue that was feared before the season. There are times when the Redskins aren't getting enough pressure on the quarterback, but there are too many cases where quarterbacks are delivering the ball fast and to open receivers. They've given up yards in zone coverage and man the past two weeks. They've had miscommunication issues -- as on the first play when DeAngelo Hall said he was trying to alert DeJon Gomes to switch coverage responsibilities. Instead, against the Wildcat, Gomes was left in an unwinnable situation covering A.J. Green in the slot with no safety help. An easy touchdown. "Our secondary has to be much better," coach Mike Shanahan said.

2 Defensive end Stephen Bowen is off to a terrific start. The defensive problems do not have anything to do with him. He continues to play strong at the line and gets more penetration than any other lineman. His presence helped linebacker Rob Jackson in the running game at times by forcing the ballcarrier wide right into Jackson.

3 Yes, the replacement refs remain a major issue. They botched calls on both sides of the ball Sunday. However, they really blew it on Josh Wilson's fumble recovery. The closest Bengals player was running back Benjarvus Green-Ellis, who had fumbled. But he was a couple feet from Wilson, who was ruled down. It should have been a touchdown.


The Redskins are fortunate that left tackle Trent Williams might not miss much time -- if any -- because of the bone bruise on his right knee. He's by far the best offensive lineman on the team and crucial to what they want to do in the stretch zone. His ability to reach linebackers, as well as block in space on screens, makes him invaluable. Williams missed two games as a rookie to injuries and two more last season, in addition to being suspended for four games. When he's healthy, he's a force. Without him the line is in trouble, regardless of who enters. It's a lot to ask Jordan Black to play at a certain level considering he was out of the league last year and weighed just 275 pounds when they signed him early in training camp.