On Sunday, lawmakers and their aides and lobbyists and their allies will strap on their skates, put on their pads, and pass around the puck at the fourth annual Congressional Hockey Challenge. The event at the Verizon Center benefits the Fort DuPont Ice Hockey Club, a local children’s hockey charity.

Once again Sen. John Kerry will be at the helm of Team Lawmakers, which lost last year to Team Lobbyists, 5-3, and also had to replace its goaltender — Rep. Anthony Weiner, who resigned last June in the midst of a tawdry Twitter picture scandal. In addition, Kerry was recently injured — he had two black eyes and one broken nose — not while practicing for the Challenge, but playing with family and friends.

"This was just an ugly multi-player collision at an annual game we play with friends and family on New Year’s Eve," he explained to Yeas & Nays via email. “We get out there and hack around, but this year let’s just say I had a parting gift from the game that lasted me the whole month." (He was photographed with his messed up face at last month’s State of the Union address).

Since the mishap, Kerry told us he has purchased face protection. “I finally bought a mask, which means I’m either ready for the game or to star as Jason in ‘Friday the 13th,’” he joked. “It goes to show you that even a senator can learn something from two black eyes and a busted nose.”

Kerry wouldn’t call out who he thought would be the most intimidating lobbyist, nor would he say who he thought would win Sunday's game. “Man, you’re talking to a guy who the exit polls declared was the 44th President of the United States — I know too well not to make predictions until the final score is in,” he said. “But let’s just say that we’ve got a lot to prove after last year’s defeat, and in this election year, even more reason to play hard.”