By Merlisa Corbett Lawrence

Special to The Washington Examiner

When undergoing a kitchen renovation, you might think it is best to buy appliances through the contractor, but Jerry Levine of the Levine Group said there are more advantages to having the owner make the purchase.

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"We take care of the installations and hookups. I like to let the homeowners make the purchase because the discounts that I used to get have become so reduced, due to Internet sales, that it's pointless," said Levine, past president of the Metro DC Chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.

Besides, Levin said, if homeowners purchase the appliances, his company does not warranty them and the homeowner will be able to develop a relationship with the supplier and service department where the owner makes the purchase.

"I will warrant the installation but not the appliance itself," he said. "It puts together, in a more direct way, the owner and the service people. As a remodeler, I don't need to be in the middle of that relationship."