Does the public have the right to see the science used by federal agencies to justify regulatory decisions that cost Americans hundreds of billions of dollars every year?

That's the issue before a hearing today of a subcommittee of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology that will focus on "secret science" at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Members of the committee have asked for, then demanded and finally subpoenaed the underlying data for two studies used by EPA to justify major regulatory policies. The agency refuses to make that data available despite the subpoena.

So much for transparency

The Freedom of Information Act requires that all government documents not subject to one of specific exemptions be made available by federal officials on request to anybody who asks.

Data for studies like the two at issue in today's hearing — the "Harvard Six Cities Study" and the "Cancer Prevention Study" — are not covered by any of the FOIA exemptions.

Those two studies are used by EPA to justify most of the benefits the agency claims result from its air pollution regulations.

Show us your data

The credibility of such studies rest on the ability of outsiders to examine their underlying data and duplicate their findings. Refusing to share that data blows a big hole in the EPA's benefits claims.

EPA's refusal to comply with the committee's subpoena is not merely an insult to Congress. Other federal laws besides the FOIA also specifically require such data to be made public.

So the next question is this: When is the House of Representatives, which controls the federal purse strings, going to make agencies like EPA pay the price of defying Congress and the law?

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