In an op-ed yesterday in the Wall Street Journal, House Speaker John Boehner said President Obama is blaming Republicans for drastic budget cuts he created, and has refused to produce a plan that could pass Congress. The White House called this “an amazing piece of revisionist history.”

In his op-ed, Boehner wrote,

Having first proposed and demanded the sequester, it would make sense that the president lead the effort to replace it. Unfortunately, he has put forth no detailed plan that can pass Congress, and the Senate—controlled by his Democratic allies—hasn’t even voted on a solution, let alone passed one. By contrast, House Republicans have twice passed plans to replace the sequester with common-sense cuts and reforms that protect national security.

But the White House insists Republicans are the ones who haven’t put forward a passable solution.

Tonight, in an effort to distract from this reality, the Leader of the Republican party took to the opinion pages of the Wall Street Journal to engage in an amazing act of revisionist history. Instead of communicating with the American people – who support a balanced approach to reduce the deficit – about finding a compromise, the Republican Leadership once again launched a series of false attacks instead of putting forward ways to resolve this issue in a bipartisan way.