The White House on Friday accepted a new license plate meant for the presidential limousine, bearing the familiar "Taxation Without Representation" slogan.

What will be done with the tag is anyone's guess.

Two members of the D.C. City Council presented the tag intended to draw attention to the city's push for statehood.

Councilwoman Mary Cheh and Chairman Phil Mendelson met with David Agnew, deputy assistant to the president and director of intergovernmental affairs. They gave him the license plate along with a Council resolution asking for the tag to be affixed to the presidential limo.

It's unclear what, if anything, President Obama will do. President Bill Clinton's presidential limo bore the now standard-issue license plates during his second term. President George W. Bush ended that practice and Obama has not restarted it, to the consternation of D.C. Council members.

Cheh described that decision as baffling, pointing not only to the city's overwhelming electoral support for Obama but also to many local residents who went into surrounding states to help campaign for him.

"We have supported the president," she said.

The Council's final plan was perhaps less exciting than earlier proposals, which included throwing the license plate over the White House fence. A petition started by DC Vote helped reignite the issue. As of Friday afternoon the petition had just surpassed 3,300 signatures -- far below the necessary 25,000 signatures for it to receive a response from the White House.