The White House's defense of Hillary Clinton and donations made to her family charities during the former secretary of state's tenure is beginning to sound similar to what was put forward by the Democratic presidential candidate's campaign.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest Friday attributed allegations that Clinton misused her State post — for the benefit the Clinton Foundation — to a "conservative" author.

"I've been in a position where there have been other, to put it mildly, conservative authors that have launched, written books based on what they report to be serious allegations against the president of the United States," Earnest told reporters. "And I'm often in the position of responding to those incidents and trying to defend the president from accusations that are not rooted or accompanied by any evidence. Right now, that is what is happening to Secretary Clinton."

Based on excerpts from the forthcoming book, "Clinton Cash," by author Peter Schweizer, the New York Times reported Thursday that then-Secretary of State Clinton signed off on a deal allowing Clinton Foundation donors to sell a uranium mining company to a Russian nuclear agency.

Clinton has yet to publicly address the matter, but her campaign team continues to suggest that the allegations are a conservative hit job against the presumptive Democratic frontrunner for the 2016 presidential nomination.

In a lengthy exchange with an ABC News reporter, Earnest was asked repeatedly why the White House was not concerned about undisclosed donations to the Clinton Foundation by the chairman of Uranium One. They totaled more than $2 million.

"That is something that Secretary Clinton's team can talk to you about," Earnest replied numerous times.