White House Press Secretary Jay Carney blamed the State Department and the CIA for the fact that all references to terrorist involvement in the Benghazi attack were edited from the official administration talking points.

"The CIA was the agency that made changes to the talking points and produced the talking points," Carney told reporters at the White House briefing today. He said that the references to terrorism were deleted because the administration died not want to say anything "beyond what we knew" for certain.

When ABC's Jonathan Karl asked if Carney would deny that the CIA made those changes at the behest of the State Department, Carney replied, "no," he did not deny it.

"They weren't [edited] at the direction of the White House," he added. "The concern was that these points not provide information that was speculative in terms of if it was relevant to what happened," Carney also said.

He denied that concern about how Congress would react to the information about terrorism motivated the editing, even though ABC reported that State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland specifically cited that concern, per ABC.