White House Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest admitted that the story about the Churchill was starting to sound like “a bad Sherlock Holmes script,” jokingly calling it the “case of the missing Churchill bust.”

Earnest called the story a “myth” that was “floating around in some of the darker corners of the internet,” and added that the White House decided to set the record straight on Friday with a blogpost by Dan Pfeiffer. That blogpost, however mislead some to believe that the Churchill bust that was loaned to President George W. Bush was still in the White House.

Pfeiffer was forced to further clarify his post stating that the “Bush” bust was removed from the Oval Office and is now in the British Embassy and that the bust of Churchill in the White House is a different piece of art.

Earnest again stated that the Churchill bust loaned to Bush was returned to the British embassy, and that the “Winston Churchill bust” was still in a prominent place in the White House. The bust currently in the White House has been in the White House since the 1960’s.