Political observers shouldn't read anything into a former top Obama adviser and ally's support for Hillary Clinton's presidential ambitions, a White House spokesman said Friday.

Jim Messina, who managed Obama's campaign in 2012, on Friday announced that he has joined Priorities USA Action, a liberal super PAC that supported President Obama's re-election and is already backing Clinton in the 2016 presidential race. Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm also will co-chair the group.

“I think Jim Messina is an independent American citizen who's not affiliated with the president, the White House,” Carney said. “The campaign is over.”

After the election, Messina turned the president’s campaign apparatus into the pro-Obama nonprofit Organizing for Action, which is dedicated to helping promote the president’s agenda.

But Carney said Messina's activity is not coordinated through the White House.

“What an independent third-party does is not something that is coordinated with the White House,” he said. “The president's focused on what he can do in 2014 and 2015 and 2016 as president. ... And that's what he's focused on.”

“You know, what 2016 looks like, I promise, is not something that's on his mind,” he said.