Deputy White House press secretary Sarah Sanders trashed Politico Friday, after it reported that President Trump was considering a huge cut to the Office of National Drug Control Policy in his first full budget proposal.

Politico reported that Trump was looking to cut about 95 percent of that office. It said the office got $388 million in 2017, but would get just $24 million in its proposed budget.

But Sanders dismissed that report in the daily White House briefing.

"My first piece of advice would never be to use Politico for a source for your story," she said.

Sanders indicated that there is no final budget plan yet, and declined to answer more detailed questions about funding for the office.

"I certainly wouldn't get ahead of conversations about the budget," she said. "We haven't had a final document, and I think it would be ridiculous to comment on a draft version of something at this point."

She also stressed that Trump still believes it's important to take steps to fight the opioid epidemic, which was an issue he addressed during the campaign.

"In terms when it comes to the opioid epidemic, I think the president's been extremely clear, this is a top priority for him," she said.