White House press secretary Jay Carney on Monday said criticism from Republicans charging that Obamacare “navigators” had committed multiple errors, including compromising consumers' privacy, was the latest effort by the GOP to “sabotage” the health care law.

The Oversight Committee released documents it said showed that the navigators responsible for enrolling consumers in Obamacare received poor training and weak supervision leading to them providing incorrect information to applicants and failing to take steps to protect individuals' personal and financial information.

Carney said the Oversight criticisms were “an effort, in a partisan way, to sabotage the Affordable Care Act.”

He added that it was “keeping in a long line of efforts to sabotage” the president’s signature health care reform law.

Carney praised the work of navigators, saying they were working to help others gain health coverage and said that Republicans were attacking groups and institutions such as the University of Arkansas, Epilepsy Foundation of Florida, the Ohio Association of Food Banks.

“These are people who are engaging in an effort to help Americans who want health insurance to get it,” he said.

Carney said that the navigators had been trained adequately: “All navigators must complete their training and pass their course examinations.”

Carney added that their training included “privacy issues” and that all navigators were “required to comply with privacy and security standards.”

The debate over the role of the Obamacare navigators comes amid the botched rollout of the health care law.

The White House is pushing to bolster enrollment, with the administration behind its 7 million enrollee target. Enrollment suffered after the healthcare.gov website was launched with massive technical issues.