Dozens of Trump administration officials have yet to obtain permanent security clearances, including Jared Kushner, according to reports this week.

Frustrated by the long-term struggle to resolve the security debacle with Kushner, White House Counsel Donald McGahn and other officials have been hesitant to get involved in other cases regarding other White House employees who have been working with only a interim clearance while they wait for the FBI and White House Security Office to issue them a permanent security clearance, the Washington Post reported.

As for the president’s son-in-law and top adviser, Kushner, the fight for a security-clearance has dragged on for almost a year.

Some sources told the Post that Kushner’s clearance could continue to be delayed due to his extensive business and foreign ties or his key role in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, which has led Kushner to file several updates to his national security questionnaire.

Kushner’s first security clearance form, which was submitted at the beginning of the Trump presidency, neglected to list his foreign contacts and included wrong information about his personal history and his father-in-law’s address.

The issue of security clearances made its way into the news cycle this week after it was revealed domestic violence allegations against now-former White House staff secretary Rob Porter was revealed to only have an interim security clearance.