In an unprecedented move, the Obama administration lit the White House in rainbow Friday night to commemorate the Supreme Court's landmark decision Friday morning paving the way for legal gay marriage across the country.

The administration hinted at the colorful move shortly after the 5-4 decision came down. Even before President Obama took to the Rose Garden to make remarks, the White House social media apparatus was celebrating the decision.

The official White House page featured an image of the White House with a rainbow-colored overlay, as did the official White House Twitter account, which simply stated: "#LoveWins" above an interactive U.S. map colored red. Slowly, as text scrolls by noting that Massachusetts was the first state to legalize same-sex marriage in 2004, the states turn blue.

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"Today, love wins in every state in America," it concludes. Below it flashes a link to the official White House blog that features an entry on the 5-4 Supreme Court decision: ""

Via the president's personal Twitter account, Obama stated: "Today is a big step in our march toward equality. Gay and lesbian couples now have the right to marry, just like anyone else. #LoveWins."

And the Twitter account of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy featured a photo of the White House with an actual rainbow behind it.

"The view from our office after last Thursday's rainstorm proved to be a great omen for today's decision. #LoveWins," the post read.