The White House isn’t worried about lawmakers fleeing President Trump’s agenda in the coming months after a candidate who stayed close to the president lost handily in Virginia last week.

Marc Short, legislative affairs director at the White House, told NBC’s “Meet The Press” Trump isn’t worried about whether Republican lawmakers will back away from Trump following Tuesday’s loss for Ed Gillespie in Virginia. Gillespie, an establishment Republican, took up Trump’s nationalist banner in the weeks before the election and still lost handily to Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam.

“I don't think we're worried about politicians worrying about their own hides, they're constantly worried about their own hides, that's the reality of this town,” Short said.

There are fears among Republicans that a wave election for Democrats is coming during the midterm elections next year.

Historically, the party in control of the presidency suffers big defeats in the first midterm elections following a presidential election. While there are exceptions to this rule, Presidents Obama, Bush, and Clinton all suffered major defeats in congressional elections following either their election or re-election.