During a press gaggle today, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney suggested that President Obama’s interview with comedian Jon Stewart on the Daily Show was ‘more substantive’ than other interviews he had during the campaign.

Carney quoted a statement during the briefing about President Obama’s executive powers in foreign policy decisions from a Daily Show interview in October of 2012.

“Is the ‘Daily Show’ a proper platform for a foreign policy discussion like that?” asked a reporter in response.

“When the President is asked a question, he answers it,” Carney said sternly.  “And I think it is worth going back to the interviews that the President gave during the campaign, and I think you would note that that interview was more substantive than many others.”

Carney was referring to Obama’s promise to “put a legal architecture in place” to “make sure that not only am I reined in, but any President is reined in” when making decisions about drone warfare overseas.