White House officials don't seem all that outraged by the news that Samsung tricked President Obama into taking a "selfie" with Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz, but the president's lawyer is looking into the matter.

The selfie of Obama and Ortiz, the slugger known to Red Sox fans as Big Papi, quickly went viral on Twitter after Ortiz shot it at a White House event honoring the team earlier this week.

White House spokesman Jay Carney, himself a diehard Red Sox fan, retweeted the close-up photo of Papi and Obama grinning broadly, along with his caption “The honor was ours, Big Papi! Go Sawx!”

But news that Samsung orchestrated the photo-op for a social media campaign promoting their line of smartphones put a damper on a seemingly spontaneous shot.

Carney has said Obama did not know that he was taking part in Samsung's advertising when the photo was shot and on Thursday he said the White House's top lawyer was looking into the matter.

“As a rule, the White House objects to the use of the likeness of the president for commercial purposes,” he said. “We have objected in the past [to the practice], and we object now.”