The Obama administration made a last-ditch attempt Wednesday to boost Obamacare enrollment numbers before the annual registration period closes January 31.

The White House invited reporters from TV stations in Richmond, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Salt Lake City, Denver, Los Angeles and Oakland to meet with President Obama to discuss the Affordable Care Act.

The administration is pushing campaigns in 20 cities, encouraging those who are uninsured to sign up for Obamacare before next week's deadline.

One reporter from the Richmond affiliate of NBC asked Obama why many he has spoken with have said they pay upwards of $700 per month for health insurance.

The president defended the program, "What we said and what is a fact is that about seven out of 10 can get health insurance for $75 or less once they include the tax credits that are available."

Unbeknownst to the visiting members of the press, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders also visited with Obama on Wednesday. The Vermont senator's afternoon appearance sent news crews scrambling to catch his press conference.