Members of the Obama White House continue to compare the rollout of Obamacare to a really crazy football game.

Political consultant Phil Schiliro, recently brought back to the White House as a point man to help boost the plan politically, admitted that the implementation of the law stumbled out of the gate.

“[I]n a lot of ways, it’s like a football game,” he said in an interview with Fusion's Jorge Ramos. “You can have a bad first half and a good second half and that’s what matters. It’s how you end the game."

Schiliro compared the botched rollout of Obamacare to the Indianapolis Colts' playoff game last Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs, reminding Ramos that at one point the Colts were down by 28 points before they came back to win the game.

In the same way, Schiliro insisted, Obamacare would come roaring back to victory.

"Nobody’s going to remember them behind. In years to come, they won’t remember the bad website in the beginning, what they will remember is more than 2 million Americans have enrolled.”