President Trump's upcoming health insurance executive order was born out of frustration with Congress' inability to repeal Obamacare, his press secretary said.

Trump is expected to release an executive order this week intended to help insurers sell plans across state lines. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said the order is in response to inaction from Congress.

"I think that the American people have demanded something happen, they have elected a number of people to Congress to deal specifically with this issue," she said at a press briefing Tuesday. "Due to Congress failing to act, it is no surprise the president is going to try to take action."

The statement was in response to a question on Trump previously criticizing former President Barack Obama for issuing immigration executive orders instead of getting legislation through Congress.

Sanders said Trump would make an announcement later this week on the order.

Trump is expected to direct federal agencies to make it easier for people to buy coverage through "association health plans," which could be less expensive than Obamacare plans because they can avoid the law's insurer mandates.

But experts and critics say the move could lead to the collapse of the individual market, which is used by people who don't have insurance through work, because healthy people would flee for the cheaper association plans. That would cause markets to collapse as only sick people would remain on the exchanges, with no younger or healthier people to offset the high medical claims.