Chief White House economic adviser Gary Cohn is convening senior climate and energy officials from roughly a dozen nations next Monday for a climate meeting on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly.

The White House confirmed the meeting on Tuesday, according to the New York Times. The breakfast meeting is described as "an opportunity for key ministers with responsibility for these issues to engage in an informal exchange of views and discuss how we can move forward most productively," an invitation read.

The note suggested it will be a small gathering that includes ministerial-level officials only, the newspaper reported. Invitations were sent to representatives of the world's largest economies.

"It is too early to say what may come out of the meeting, but it shows that the U.S. is keen to engage with key countries," a diplomat told the newspaper on condition of anonymity. "If the U.S. expresses its clear intent on addressing climate change issues at the meeting, that would be a positive sign."

A White House official said the meeting is meant to be an informal discussion to help the administration reduce emissions without harming the American economy.

President Trump announced on June 1 his decision to exit from the 2015 Paris climate change deal, and called the agreement a bad deal economically for the United States.

A U.N. climate summit is currently taking place in Agadir, Morocco, this week to address state and regional contributions to emission reductions under the Paris deal given Trump's decision to withdraw.