President Trump's rapid response director has left his position in the West Wing, a White House official confirmed to the Washington Examiner.

Andrew Hemming spent months selecting and distributing stories that reflected well on the Trump administration. Emails from Hemming that trumpeted good news for the White House were a familiar daily sight in reporters' inboxes.

Hemming's exit came as a result of a mutual decision to part ways, the White House official confirmed.

Hemming became the White House rapid response director after leaving the Republican National Committee.

While at the RNC, Hemming was senior adviser for research. He was also director of research on the Trump campaign.

During his stint with the Trump administration, Hemming would begin working at 5:30 a.m. and end his day at 11 p.m. each weekday, sending positive stories about the administration to reporters.

Although Trump frequently rails against the "fake news" that permeates the mainstream media, much of Hemming's material came from mainstream outlets, including ones — such as the New York Times — that Trump professes to hate.

The departure of Trump's rapid response director is just the latest in a series of ousters and exits that have almost completely changed the make-up of senior White House staff in a relatively short time. Trump's chief of staff, press secretary, assistant press secretary, chief strategist and communications director have all quit or gotten fired since late July.

Politico first reported Hemming's departure.