A group of moderate Republicans and Democrats who met with President Trump's chief economic adviser said he is open to a higher gas tax to pay for a new national infrastructure bill.

Gary Cohn huddled Wednesday with the bipartisan Problem Solvers caucus, made up of more than 40 Republican and Democratic lawmakers to discuss tax reform.

Rep. Charlie Dent, R-Pa., a member of the group, said lawmakers talked to Cohn about the need for including infrastructure funding in the forthcoming tax bill.

"I suggested that we should finance infrastructure and we should find that financing mechanisms in tax reform and we should look at the user fee as a way to pay for it," Dent said, using a term to describe an increase in the gas tax. "And I'll just say he was very receptive to that idea."

President Trump has talked about including infrastructure in the tax bill as a way to attract support from Democrats, who say they like the idea but doubt it will happen.

Trump during his campaign promised $1 trillion in spending to overhaul the nation's crumbling roads and bridges using public-private partnerships to help pay for it.