White House press secretary Sarah Sanders defended President Trump on Thursday against new rumors he and his top aides were less than optimistic about his chances of winning the presidency last November.

“Go back and look at some of the interviews, specifically Kellyanne Conway. She did several in the days leading up to the election, saying the president can win and should win. There were other campaign officials that echoed those same sentiments: the president, the first lady, his family,” Sanders told reporters. “They wouldn’t have put themselves through that process if one, they didn’t think they could win and two, didn’t want to win.”

Sanders’ harsh criticism of speculation surrounding Trump’s desire to be commander-in-chief stems from the release of a new tell-all book by veteran journalist Michael Wolff, who spent 18 months observing the Trump political operation from the campaign to the transition to the White House from inside the West Wing.

Wolff’s book, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” includes several accounts of top Trump campaign aides doubting the president’s ability to defeat Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and questioning his fitness for office. Several staffers also questioned whether Trump himself actually wanted to win, Wolff alleges in excerpts released this week.

“It is absolutely laughable to think that somebody like this president would run for office with the purpose of losing,” Sanders said. “If you guys know anything, you know that Donald Trump is a winner and he’s not going to do something without the purpose of coming out on top.”

Claims of that sort are “one of the most ridiculous things” about Wolff’s book, Sanders added.

“This book is mistake after mistake after mistake,” she said.