President Obama made the nomination for a four-year term Thursday night. Solomon has been serving as the National Labor Relations Board’s acting general counsel since June 2010, following a long career as attorney for previous boardmembers. Solomon has never been formally approved as general counsel by the Senate.

Solomon was instrumental in issuing the NLRB’s controversial complaint against Boeing that argued the company’s opening a factory in South Carolina was retaliation against its union in Washington state. The case brought widespread criticism because Boeing had not shut down any other factories or laid off other workers. It was merely expanding into a different state — one that happened to be right-to-work. The case was withdrawn when Boeing reached a settlement with the union.

The Big Business-backed Workforce Fairness Institute slammed the choice in a statement: “This is the best illustration to date of how this White House serves as an extension of organized labor and continues to be completely unconcerned with the messages it sends to job creators.”