White House deputy press secretary Sarah Sanders argued Wednesday that the trickle of revelations about contacts between President Trump's associates and Russian officials has not undermined the administration's credibility.

"I think it's actually undermining the credibility of the media," Sanders told reporters at the White House, responding to criticism from Republican House Oversight Chairman Trey Gowdy about the negative impact of Russia revelations on the administration's credibility.

Sanders disputed suggestions that the president has remained in hiding this week amid controversy over his son's admission that he sought what he believed to be "sensitive" information about Hillary Clinton from a Russian lawyer during the presidential race.

"There's nothing secret about having meetings," Sanders said, noting Trump has met with his economic advisers as well as a host of other aides and officials during the three days that he had no public events listed on his schedule this week.

"The president had an incredibly robust schedule overseas in both Poland and Germany," Sanders said.

The White House spokeswoman said Trump has spoken with his son, Donald Trump Jr., since the news of his Russian meeting broke, but she declined to elaborate on when and how they communicated.