President Trump remains confident in Secretary of State Rex Tillerson despite a news report that suggested he had called the president a "moron" and considered resigning over the summer, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Wednesday.

"As we've said many times before, if the president doesn't have confidence in somebody, they will no longer be in their position," Sanders told reporters traveling with Trump to Las Vegas.

Tillerson denied some of the details from the NBC News story, such as the claim that he weighed leaving the administration during a turbulent point this summer and the claim that Vice President Mike Pence persuaded him to stay in his position.

Pence's team has also denied that such conversations ever took place.

But Tillerson declined to address directly the charge that he called Trump a "moron" after a tense meeting with him at the Pentagon in July, referring to the allegation as "petty nonsense."

Trump has tweeted several times about the report, describing it as "fake news" and calling on NBC to apologize for running it.