The White House will modify its 2019 budget request before delivering it to Congress next week, a senior Office of Management and Budget official said Friday, hours after lawmakers passed the outlines of a two-year budget deal shortly before dawn.

Because the bipartisan agreement boosts domestic and military spending by several billion dollars over the next two years, the official said President Trump is re-evaluating his upcoming budget "to account for these new cap levels."

"With our release of the budget, we will release an addendum laying out the administration's roadmap for how to account for the increased spending caps in a responsible manner," the official said, noting that the additional funding will be used to target "a limited set of administration priorities as well as proposals to fix certain budget gimmicks used to circumvent the spending caps."

The House and Senate approved a spending plan in the early hours of Friday morning that reflects a political agreement to spend $20 billion on infrastructure and $6 billion to fight the opioid epidemic. The bipartisan agreement also foresees ending the sequester caps on defense and nondefense spending.

The outline was approved in a bill that also reopened the government through March 23, and provided $70 billion in disaster relief for states and territories hit by hurricanes and wildfires last year.

"The bottom line is that, thanks to President Trump, we can now have the strongest military we have ever had," White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters on Wednesday.