President Trump can still access his Twitter account in China even though Twitter is banned throughout the country, a senior administration official told reporters aboard Air Force One during their flight to Beijing.

"The president will tweet whenever he wants. That's his way of communicating directly with the American people," the official said during the Wednesday flight.

A reporter asked if that included his time in China.

"Yeah, why not? Why not?" the White House spokesman said. "So long as he can access his Twitter account because Twitter is banned in China. So is Facebook and, of course, most of the other social media."

When asked how Trump might be able access his Twitter account from China, the official said he believes Air Force one has "the gear aboard ... to allow that to happen."

As of early Wednesday morning in the U.S., Trump had not tweeted since he departed South Korea for China. But by mid-Wednesday Washington time, Trump tweeted to say thank you to South Korea for hosting him and his wife.