White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said on Wednesday that President Trump will act to ensure Texas receives federal funding approved by Congress but skated around what that process could entail.

"We're looking at the best way to help the people of Texas, and we're going to continue pushing forward to make sure they get funding," Sanders told press aboard Air Force One. "And we'll see what that looks like as we move forward in the process and determine the next best steps."

When Congress returns from its August recess next week, a showdown is expected over money for southern border wall construction projects and the cuts proposed to the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Disaster Relief Fund which had been proposed before the storm as a way to help fund the wall.

When asked whether a government shutdown over funding the wall is "appropriate" given the devastation caused by Harvey, Sanders echoed her boss's claim earlier in the week that the two issues are separate.

"[Trump] doesn't see those things tied to one another," Sanders said.

Trump promised officials in Texas on Monday he would do whatever was necessary to assist in their recovery efforts, saying that he thinks "it'll happen very quickly."

Trump spent Tuesday touring parts of Texas devastated by Hurricane Harvey. He traveled to Springfield, Mo., Wednesday to speak at a tax reform kickoff event before returning to Washington later in the day.