The White House on Wednesday stepped up its campaign for immigration reform with a video of West Wing staffers talking about their immigrant roots, but it was immediately slammed by YouTube viewers as a whitewash of the issue of illegals pouring over the southern border.

"The White House talking down to the masses. The American people know that immigration is nothing new. The American people know that immigrants contribute and everyone knows a hard working immigrant. The problem is the southern border and people crossing it illegally," commented "Billy Decker."

"How about they do the legal thing and not break the law to get here? We all had to and now you want us to just give up jobs when we are in a bad place? Just because people are here illegally? Seriously?," added "hippie gurl."

The video features staffers by their first name with most either from another country or born to parents who were immigrants.

"The White House as a Melting Pot," headlines the special webpage for the video. "The United States is a nation of immigrants. And the White House, like nearly every other American office, is full of staffers whose stories started in countries all over the world. We asked some of them to share their own immigration stories, and explain why they think it's so important to fix our broken immigration system once and for all," reads the introduction.