President Obama this week will step up his efforts to get Democrats elected, squeezing multiple campaign events in between speeches on the economy.

Obama on Tuesday will speak to Organizing for Action, the campaign group headed by his former staffers, and will headline a Democratic National Committee fundraiser in Washington on Friday.

The president is expected to take an increasingly active role in promoting Democrats ahead of the 2014 midterms, trying to give an edge to progressives while not endangering centrist candidates in states where his approval ratings remain dismal.

Obama this week will also cap a series of events held with governors at the White House, speaking Monday to the National Governors Association. He will meet separately with governors from western states to discuss droughts and wildfires in the region.

Obama’s latest event with governors comes a day after he poked fun as some of the chief executives who might be vying for his job, telling the leaders with White House aspirations to make themselves at home.

“I'm sure some of you are thinking that's been the plan all along,” he said Sunday evening.

He then read a quote about a governor who swore he would stay in office at the state level.

“Of course, that was Teddy Roosevelt,” Obama quipped. “I guess plans change.”

The president on Tuesday will announce the creation of two manufacturing institutes, one headquartered in Detroit and the other in Chicago, designed to bring more jobs and cutting-edge techniques to the industry. The facilities, first proposed in Obama's 2013 State of the Union address, will receive $140 million from the federal government and matching support from non-federal sources.

On Wednesday, Obama will travel to Minneapolis for an economic event. And on Thursday, the president will hold an event at the White House for his “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative, an effort to improve the lives of minority men.

White House correspondent Susan Crabtree contributed to this report.