White House press secretary Jay Carney on Wednesday warned congressional Republicans that President Obama would reject any continuing resolution to fund the federal government that withheld money from Obamacare.

"We will not accept anything that defunds or delays Obamacare," Carney told reporters.

"Congress needs to act to avoid a shutdown," he said. "Washington should not engage in activity that creates more self-inflected wounds on the economy and a shutdown would do just that."

Lawmakers must pass a continuing resolution to fund the government to avoid a shutdown on Oct. 1, but many conservative groups are urging the GOP to use the bill to undercut the president's signature healthcare reform bill.

But GOP lawmakers and conservative groups are split, with some in the House saying they should wait until the Senate votes first on defunding Obamacare and focus on that issue when lawmakers consider raising the nation's debt limit later this year.

Others though argue that with the administration prepping to roll out its insurance exchanges in October that efforts must be made to quickly block the individual mandate and other key provisions of the healthcare reform law.

Carney touted the administration's record on the economy and said that it would be undermined if Republicans forced a shutdown over Obamacare, a move he called "hugely counterproductive."

"Threatening a government shutdown over an ideological position is not something most Americans would think is the right thing to do," said Carney.

He accused Republicans of “harming the economy to refight old political battles."