Jason Kessler, who spearheaded the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va. in August, was verified on Twitter on Tuesday, a term used to signal “an account of public interest.”

Kessler’s verification follows CEO Jack Dorsey’s reassurace that “hate symbols, violent groups, and tweets that glorify violence” were not welcome on Twitter.

Kessler deleted his Twitter account in August, after calling Heather Heyer, the woman killed during the Charlottesville protest, a “fat, disgusting Communist” and saying the death “was payback time” on Twitter.

Kessler said he had mixed prescription drugs along with alcohol when he composed the tweet.

Twitter recently announced the platform would “take a more aggressive stance in our rules and how we enforce them,” just after actress Rose McGowan tweeted about allegations that movie mogul Harvey Weinstein had raped her. Her account was suspended shortly thereafter.

Twitter said her account had been suspended because she had tweeted a phone number, but the platform received pushback for its harassment policy.

Kessler tweeted Wednesday that “Rose McGowan should be held accountable for being a thot that will do anything for attention.”

Twitter accounts that are verified appear higher in searches, meaning messages will be viewed faster on the platform.