If you subscribe to the mainstream media myth that Big Government is antithetical to Big Business, then this Politico story is a shock. If, somehow, you buy President Obama's incoherent storyline that he can increase government involvement while reducing lobbyist influence, then this article might rattle you. And if you are a Thomas Frank, Center-for-American-Progress-type liberal getting by on the presumption that conservatism and corruption are kin, while liberalism goes with good government, brace yourself:

Even by the revolving-door standards of Washington, this one has heads spinning: The Democratic staffer who was Nancy Pelosi's messaging guru during the health care debate is now working for a group led by [The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the health-insurance lobby

Of course, if you've been following the Washington Examiner's coverage of the health-care bill, and the Great Health-Care Cashout, this wouldn't surprise you a bit. You would know, for instance, that Pelosi health-care aide Arshi Siddiqui was one of the first ObamaCare authors to cash out to K Street, jumping to Akin Gump (whose clients include AHIP and Pfizer). You would also know that Amy Rosenbaum, Policy Coordinator for Nancy Pelosi, is married to a health-care lobbyist at Glover Park Group.

There are two principles here:

1) ObamaCare was not a broadside to industry. It includes subsidies for health insurance and a mandate that people buy health insurance. Yes, the insurers opposed many of the provisions of ObamaCare, but they hardly were the victims of this legislation.

2) Increasing government's role in the economy inevitably accelerates the spin of the revolving door, and increases the incentive for public servants to monetize their public service.

If you're Politico, it comes as a surprise that a top Pelosi aide should go to work for the industries he has helped subsidize and regulate. If you've been paying attention, though, you're not surprised.