A new campaign ad from Republican Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner features three neighboring governors lavishing his Democratic rival with praise. And it's fairly effective.

Rauner, who formally announced his re-election bid late last month, recruited Republican Govs. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, Eric Holcomb of Indiana, and Eric Greitens of Missouri to star in his spot and thank the state's Democratic House Speaker Mike Madigan "for raising Illinois taxes," "for blocking Rauner's reforms," and "for helping create new jobs" in their states.

"Our economy's on fire," said Walker.

"We're growing good jobs," Greitens added.

"And we're growing union jobs faster than Illinois," Holcomb proclaimed.

Sporting a wide grin, Walker later joked, "Cheeseheads love you, Madigan!"

There's nothing like a little lighthearted exploitation of interstate rivalries to persuade voters Democrats are boosting the fortunes of their competitors. The ad cleverly serves two purposes: calling attention to the failures of liberal policies of Illinois while also highlighting the successes of conservative policies in other states.

Not a bad way to kick off a re-election campaign.