Jeremy Corbyn had a great election night. He was expected to lose big, but he came pretty close to winning.

Still, that reality makes me sad. Because Corbyn is an idiot.

He is, after all, a hardcore socialist. He believes in punitive taxation of private capital, the fuel of economic growth, innovation and its associated benefits (such as new medicines) that flow to every corner of the earth. Instead, Corbyn believes that government should control the means of investment and thus also production. Somehow, against all the centuries of evidence, Corbyn asserts that this approach of government control is the means to a better future.

History tells us it is not.

What also saddens me about Corbyn's supporters? Their mathematical incontinence. While this is a sustained affliction for all socialists, it's especially problematic with Corbynistas. They believe Corbyn when he promises hundreds of billions in investment spending and says it will be deficit-neutral. They believe Corbyn when he says that raising taxes will help the British economy. They believe Corbyn when he says that, in the context of an aging population and vast fraud, welfare spending and pensions should be increased rather than reformed.

Corbyn's supporters are the chorus in his opera of lies. They need to be called out.

There's also a great example of media bias at play here. Where Corbyn supporters are presented as well-intentioned and honest optimists, many Trump supporters are treated as either mentally ill or evil. This dichotomy ignores the immense delusion that defines Corbyn's agenda. It also rejects the abundant evidence of Corbyn's adoration of foreign terrorists and tyrants.

Some might say I'm fighting a campaign that has already ended. But they misread the situation. By winning more seats than was ever expected, Corbyn has won credibility in the political establishment. And his supporters are confidently preaching that credibility from the rooftop. That's fine. But if they are now claiming the seriousness of a government in waiting, Corbyn's supporters need to face a little more challenge. Every time it has been applied, socialism has hurt rather than helped the common interest.

So, yes, Corbyn's supporters have the right to celebrate.

But they also have the responsibility to read some history.