A new report released Friday night found Ted Cruz's story that he was passed over for a senior counsel position with George W. Bush's administration is false.

The Texas senator had been working on Bush's campaign in 2000 and was offered a job as White House associate counsel in December of that year.

In Cruz's 2014 book "A Time for Truth," he called not getting the job a good thing and has continued to preach that message while on the campaign trail.

But new findings indicate Cruz turned down the position in the new administration because he believed he would be considered and hired for a more senior counsel role, the Associated Press reported Friday night.

The former Bush administration transition team members said despite Cruz's belief that he could push his way into the job he wanted, the gig had already been promised to a former George H.W. Bush administration official.

Catherine Frazier, spokesman for the Cruz campaign, said the senator does not remember things the way the former administration staff told it to the Associated Press.

Cruz has recently come under scrutiny for his Canadian birthplace and a loan he received from Goldman Sachs, but did not note in Senate filing reports.