The Islamic State-inspired terrorist attack on Tuesday in New York City that left eight people dead and 12 others injured by an Uzbek immigrant driving a truck down a bike path before crashing into a school bus has left the country in a state of shock.

And while many are concerned about the victims and the threat of terrorism from ISIS, the reactions coming from the Left would have you think that the real victims are all Muslims in the U.S. who now have to answer for the crimes of one sick and deranged individual.

While the sentiments held by some anti-Muslim bigots are offensive, I can just say, as a Muslim, it is far more offensive when an individual perverts the faith I practice to commit mass murder.

The suspect, Sayfullo Saipov, allegedly yelled "Allahu Akbar" (translated from Arabic as "God is the greatest") out of the truck window while he was conducting the attack. Peaceful practicing Muslims say "Allahu Akbar" dozens of times per day through the five daily prayers.

Highlighting your personal fear about what will happen to other Muslims in light of another purported Muslim killing innocent people is like saying you're worried about what will happen to Baby Boomers after the Las Vegas shooting since the perpetrator was a 64-year-old white man. It's selfish thinking, if not, virtue signaling.

Muslims are treated terribly by Muslims and non-Muslims alike. However, Muslims are treated much, much worse by other Muslims.

The majority of casualties by groups like ISIS are Muslim. According to the Global Terrorism Database at the University of Maryland, over 90 percent of terrorist attacks committed by ISIS occur in the Middle East and North Africa, all of which, with the exception of Israel, are Muslim-majority countries.

My main concern isn't how Muslims will be treated by bigoted non-Muslims, but how we can actually defeat and destroy global terrorist groups like ISIS and al Qaeda. The bottom line is this: People would not hate Muslims in the first place if ISIS and al Qaeda didn't exist. We need to stop hate from the source, not curb the bigoted reactions that some people have when a terrorist attack occurs.

Of course, right-wing extremism and Islamophobia are awful and need to be dealt with, but let's not forget that those bigoted sentiments became more mainstream because of al Qaeda and ISIS.