Something was different about a recent hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee. More specifically, Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, was different. The octogenarian Iowan was wearing two pairs of eyeglasses.

After three decades in Washington, Grassley has excellent legislative vision. He sees everything from his perch in the Senate — spotting everything from biofuel reform to judicial nominees a mile away. So, why would Grassley double up his spectacles?

Some called it an “Iowan bifocal.” Others made jokes about “rose colored glasses” that allow the senator to see the current administration in a better light.

Grassley’s office said it was a stop-gap.

“Senator Grassley was wearing two pairs of glasses,” explained Press Secretary Nicole Tieman, “while he waited for his new pair of progressive lenses.”

Coming from the same senator who jerry-rigged three mowers together, the vision hack isn’t surprising.